"Exclusivity is made of tasteful design,
flawless production and tailor-made consulting.

We are a trio dedicated to luxury events and wedding in Italy."

In 2009 Scherly and Micòl Guetta together with Nicola Carlo Benedetti, created Wedding Made, for the planning of Jewish and Catholic weddings and organization of events.

Our particularity is to be a trio, three people with different characteristics and skills but united by a great friendship, which, through a common synergy, creates weddings and highly successful events. Rome remains our favorite location since we were born and raised, therefore it is here that we have developed our skills more, structured and developed a network of collaborations with the greatest professionals in the sector. In recent years many have also chosen foreign destinations and this allows us to travel and have an open look on the world.

As high fashion couturiers, we create your tailor-made event as a perfect dress. And this dress is designed from the outset in the smallest details, dressing the event of the thousand details that compose it, following the client's wishes, taste and character so that that moment remains indelible in the memory of the protagonists as the most precious of memories. Each event is therefore unique, exclusive and unrepeatable.